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For those who have always been wanting to write a novel, but were lacking the time and discipline. Writing a novel (50,000 words) in one month and sharing the experience with others. It can be any fiction, as long as you yourself consider it a novel.

Check out for the details!


thanks to the to follow them on a city tour trough Istanbul, guided by orhan esen.

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Slums of the slums


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art of banking 3

………………….. can there be an art of banking?

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What if Rem Koolhaas dies?


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frensh artist JR earasing boarders between palestine and israle

JR and his folks are trying to bring the world a bit closer together.

with his minimal intervention he shows that all humans are equal, no one is different.

with this action he took amazing pictures of locals along the boarder region. scaled them 10:1 and
placarded them on certain places.
locals reacted different on that. some where just astonished and pleased some did not understand the meaning behind it but
if they see the face on this scale next to each other it triggers them that they are actually so close.

view the trailer:

related topic:

complete video on uitzendingsgemist:


squared desing lab

Boston architects Howeler + Yoon and Los Angeles digital designers Squared Design Lab have designed a conceptual structure for Boston, where an unfinished building would be covered in modular pods growing algae for biofuel. [dezeen]

From The Upper Deck

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dear creative society,

2 approaches about our future

out of the song- screenager song: ” I see my layouts ripped apart ´cause my clients don´t have taste”!

isn´t that so damn true- to many clients, customers, jerks with too much money and such a bad taste and no feeling for creative work!

–|>|>|>|>|>|   guys/ girls keep on producing these things! great laugh




interns who start to protest about the situation. no money, lot of work!

see more:     taz-prakikanten-rufen-zum-streik/

tents, cars and a female security clan
muammar al gaddafi is a dictator and lives in  his own tents during UN conferences.
you might think he is nuts but there is something worth mentioning it:


zeitlos: jaime lerner, ehemaliger bürgermeister von curitiba

“Schmiede is a festival and community for producers. Once a year we gather for 10 days in Hallein to work, experiment, present and network. At Schmiede you’ll find like-minded friends and associates to push your work to another level.”

Located in a huge turn of the century salt refinery  there is plenty of space for any upcoming idea. People work on different projects in the music making, digital media, diverse fields of art, architecture, philosophy, sociology, film making … or they don’t. It’s all up to you!
do it or don’t  *  want it nicer – make it nicer  *  don’t worry : do  *  it’s about you

Wanna see what’s been happening this year? – FocusOnInside Smith09 Presentation Night: Sat 26/09/09. At 7 p. m. at the Saline (Pernerinsel) in Hallein/Austria.


Good morning Jesus-it´s 10am and the sun is shining

Amsterdam based designer WOES° van Haaften created this so called springboard and quoted: “Metaphorically we use the word Springplank as a jump to a better situation.”

i don´t know if you have to be an atheist to enjoy that- but i just think it´s great!

WOES° van Haaften


that´s  a recommendation- the way and the set up this book of MAD, or i-MAD Ltd. or the office of Ma Yansong /马岩松, Beijing based architects,
is just incredible, forward looking and trendsetting.
The way the so called “dinner conversations” are held are just amazing. You won´t belive till you read it.
what sharp thoughts a Taxi Driver in Beijing or a Fashion magazine editor have.
These powerful and open minded ideas and critics on the current situation in China, about CHN and about Chinese architecture and western architects building in CHN is just worth telling.

For those who still doubt how flexible this folks are, take a look at this publication- clinical, fun and foremost inspiring;

MAD office
MAD Dinner



just an amazing detail

London practice Amanda Levete Architects have completed the facade of an office building off Oxford Street in London.

London practice Amanda Levete Architects have completed the facade of an office building off Oxford Street in London.

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in such an organized world like we “central Europeans”(especially in Austria) are living in  we searchers are seeking for places which have areas and spaces to be developed. the lack of interest by the city council to fulfill wishes and thoughts and act instead of hide  is often compensated by activists, artist, architects or whoever  feel like to contribut to a vivid city;

the gecekondu project at ARCAM in Amsterdam is just a thought prorogating impulse to make the formal world a bit more open to improvements.

"gecekondu" ""DUS summerhouse hotel""

“or who wants to drown on to much formality;

the way they set up the gecekondu “DUS summerhouse hotel” as an indicator for informal settlements and freedom in creating your own house (adapted from Turkey) should be questioned but  organizing happenings which brings together amateurs and experts to talk about this urgent phenomenon is the right step forward to make the formal a bit more informal.

cities need spaces to be develop by the citizens. freedom  to create and design and the right city councils and governance to allow people this liberty;

from a great website,  which is developed for the 4th and used as an open source network to bring ideas to the public i want to introduce to you 2 small but powerful project which gives so much creativity and ideas to use abandoned spaces in inner-city areas.
imagine how often that would be possible in districts in Vienna which lack of recreations spaces anyway.

1st project

2nd project


abandoned space in the inner city area of Paris Saint Blaise

religious graffiti
a fantastic”sockelzone” (plinth)
billboard guerillas and

it seem like the close up shows us more information than we actually recognise when we are
stumbling , strolling or dandering around the city. always have a close look, take a picture and don´t forget
to post it @ the

the “sockelzone” in the 11th district, close to Erdbergstraße, is just fantastic, isn´t it! this freedom in creating your
own grocery or house of pleasure! 10 out of 10 points for this creation”<

diverse vienna

vienna, 10th distirct

fantastic plinth

vienna, 3rd district

billboard guerillas

vienna, 3rd district

The billboard snapshot was taken in the 3rd district, looks like untere Viaduktgasse! Designed and realized by a great crew
from Poland!

see more on youtube

and the graffiti was found close to Matzleinsdorferplatz. I like the composition with the background!

so an short advice to all you ground hopping Viennese tourists!forget the first district, it it´s borring anyway but don´t miss to check out the outskirts and fringes °°!!!

Gordon brown on
we will change the world;

Global issues we are dealing with:::: out of global ted

“They did not say: great speech, they said let´s march”

He is quoting the Greeks though he is taking about the global society: damn, I don’t know where  Gordon is marching towards but at least he knows how to open ted global

see more on:

Gordon brown on
we will change the world;

Global issues we are dealing with::::

“They did not say: great speech, they said let´s march”

He is quoting the Greeks though he is taking about the global society: damn, I don’t know where the Gordon is marching towards but at least he knows how to open ted global

falls euch buecher fuer eure arbeiten fehlen sollten, einfach unter
vorschlagen, werden so gut wie nie abgelehnt- dauert zwar 3 wochen, aber was solls………. hab der TU sicher schon 10-15 vorgeschlagen, wobei eines abgelehnt wurde!
viel spass beim bestellen

Autor: Leopold Kohr

Erschienen: San Juan Star, 18.01.1968

Cycling Citizenship in the City

von Ximena Ganchala

thema: transformation der stadt durch radfahr-infrastruktur

Urban Transformation,
Eds. Ilka & Andreas Ruby,
Ruby Press, Berlin, 2008,
17,5 x 23,5 cm, 400 pages, english,
ISBN 978-3-00-024878-8

infos und auszüge unter:



Wien bekommt eine Chinatown

strategien zur aneignung des oeffentlichen raumes


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informal space production * inclusive urbanism * self organising cities * towards governance * bottom-up approach * unsolicited architecture * complexity theories *  ………… * …………* ……….*………..
“However, when you can take the set of expectations that come along with this kind of traditional map and add an unexpected dimension that reveals something orthogonal to that vision of space, then you really have something.”

” If artists can provide an alternative reduction of what the city has offer, we can mine a lot of depth from what would typically be ignored.”

bin immer noch verwundert das sich nicht mehr Menschen dem movement “free xinjiang” anschließen; scheint echt nicht hip genug zu sein:

dazu zwei forums Einträge die ich gerade gefunden habe; einer ziert eh schon die headline:

Will we see “Free Xinjiang” bumperstickers?

…like we’ve seen “Free Tibet” for many years on cars? Maybe its not a “liberal” cause. Where are the neo-hippies on this tragedy?

No because they don’t have brad pit as a spokesman, secondly of all hippism is almost dead as a doornail.

eigentlich komisch, denn das Anliegen ist ja das selbe: xinjiang ist wie tibet, die innere mongolei, guangxi und ningxi eine autonome region, die [xinjinag] ähnlich wie tibet in den 50ern von china besetzt wurde.
nun frage ich mich worin der unterschied liegt die uiguren zu unterstützen oder die tibeter?
ich möcht das mal so stehen lassen, vielleicht hat jemand von euch eine antwort:?

Vor 1000 Jahren immigrierten die ersten Roma aus Ägypten nach Istanbul.
Bei der byzantinischen Stadtmauer liessen sie sich nieder und genossen als Schwertschmiede, Kanonenbauer und Hoffmusikanten das hohe Ansehen der Sultane.

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

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where the poor pay more

interessante recherchen, grafisch toll aufbereitet

???Why do people desire walls?

Defend your self by using the same media as your opponent.

that was the strategy B´teselem, an Israeli NGO, used to protect Palestinian settlements in Israle.
give them a camera and let them film the ones who threaten them- but it on-line and
show it to the hole world so finally someone is going to act and protect them;

A dear friend of mine, Florent Le Corre, a French architect who lives and works in Amsterdam had this
conflict solving idea of equipping underdogs around the world with this powerful device.
if you can not reach anyone by asking for help you need another tool. something stronger,
like motion pictures or even pictures which can be spread around the globe so easily
[from NGO´s who equip the underdogs being responsible for broadcasting the captured material]
perhaps THEY gain the deserved attention.

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