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Imagine walking down the streets of Berlin on a lovely summerday. All of a sudden a newspaper is thrown of you. No, it’s not a newspaper. It’s a roll made of exclusive and original artworks, given away accidentally by papergirls and -boys.
The papergirl-project takes place once a year in Neukölln (Berlin). The idea behind is to bring art into public in a new way.
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Whether digital media like facebook or twitter will set an end to flyers is not sure. What’s sure is, that flyers are not just transmitting a message, but they are often simply worth seeing them for their design.  So why not collect them?

Mike Riemel has been collecting more than 1 million flyers from 90 countries for more than 25 years. In the exhibition “Flyer Soziotope” in the be Berlin Stadtladen some of them can be seen. There is also available  a book: “Flyer Soziotope. Topographie einer Mediengattung” (by Mike Riemel), which shows around 2,500 images. Further it documentes 25 years of the party- and clubbing-scene.

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Is it possible, that someone is living in Istanbul and has never seen the Bosporus? It is, as the artist  Esra Ersen found out. 
So she invited women, who had never seen the Bosporus, to a tour which she was filming. The videoinstallation “Passengers” shows on one screen their journey to the Bosporus and on a second the neighborhood they come from. 
Esra Ersen is analyzing the relationship between a town and its residents in lots of her art works.


This work is part of the exhibition at Tanas and can be seen till the 28 Nov. in Berlin (Tanas, Heidestraße 50. Tue – Sat 11 a.m – 6 p.m.)