small solutions will make a difference: check out the piano escalator:

if it’s really that easy that people get motivated to use the stairs instead of the escalator every city should copy a pair of them.
to keep on mind when leaving the subway people want to exit as quickly as possible, over crowded exits wont be appreciated so we want to see just a few of them. an other idea is to use the energy that is created by stepping on the steps to power the lighting system or even the escalator next to it. i like the idea of powering the escalator, which means when there are not enough people composing music by stepping on the white and black steps the escalator wont work >> easy as that >> comes back to the equality we have in our cities.

i  love to see the faces on the youtube video when the people totally surprised start to enjoy the urban piano. reclaim the streets and have fun in your city is the best way to actively participate in urban life!

not to forget that this ‘best PLAY practice’ works on a small, surprising scale and not in masses.

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