back to the roots:

the idea is taken from the cages, situated on the public spaces around the world- you will find them anywhere. from Tokyo to Shanghai, Dubai to Belgrade, Lagos to Sao Paulo ……… these wired framed boxes triggered and solved plenty of sport and physical conflicts.

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it´s an interesting idea from Cebra to hang them above the ground level, make them exclusive for the once invited to use them.
as they will be animated from an extensive school in Copenhagen we wish them all the best- BUT

let us play the devils advocate: “as real as it gets!”
dear sweet, innocent children of Denmark: “don´t missuse the cages for your personal perpose or it will get bloody”!


the last point I want to make is the impact a global player like Nike can add to that. imagine they rent out, buy, squat…… the building and organize their “Copenhagen building attack vertical” in this cages. instead of occupying ‘Bolzplätze’ around the city like they did in Berlin a couple of years ago they could host them in a single building! the cages just have to be big enough…….
of course, the same counts for the UFC.

I am curious. to me this cages seem to have much more potential than the designers thought about!’

check their website   Cebra     Denmark