hey folks, started to collect some links which forward you to inspiring online material.
the first one is provided by the guys from the popupcity blog.
they accumulated a bunch of material related to adds on their blog.
some of them are interesting material, and the best……. they come for free!

stay tuned. there will be more to hyperlink in the future!

Library of popupcity

We’ve selected a number of interesting books that are closely related to the topics we discuss on this blog. Click on the books to view them fullscreen. Every publication is also available for download. We aim to expand our library in the near future. If you have any suggestions, or if you want your publication added to the library, send us a message.



Even better comes the website of slideshare.net
they are like an online publisher. Share publicly or privately as it is called on their site.
follow the link and see what you get!
the system works great as well. you just copy past the embed code to your blog and
you get the online mag.


to add a sample. check this out! great work, great content and super graphics!