is it really about the genius loci. the magic of the place. the first time i understood the context of the place and the built environment was when we had a trip to Pulia, south east Italy. there was a relative new building situated on an outstanding place. overlooking a small village the owner choose this place to settle down in his old days and appreciate the good days-anyway- there were two old huts, formerly made for the horses and the farmer. he went up on the hill to work on his land, stayed there during spring and fall. this beautiful hut´s were made of the same stones the mountain is made of. it almost lost it´s appearance during the day when the sun shined- illuminating the whole surrounding. beautiful. so the similarity I experienced in Pulia you can find everywhere. in a rural area´s in Germany, dense inner city area´s like Tarlabasi. where ever.

it´s about the past and the future. I just had a chat with an urban sociologist talking about the degraded building which is a cross the street, the place where we stay at the moment. during analysing our perceptions and fantasies we figured out that according to your age, gender, occupation(you name it) you feel different emotions but still be attracted to it. for instance for her it is interesting to focus on the traces you find, the stories which where told and the live which occupied this space. for me it was about what i can create out of it- how can i reuse it- what would be possible.

so it´s about the future and the past! tell me more old buldings!

there is the space we are talking about: