japanese version

HOUSE TREEsmalldolapder/ Istanbul version

Isn´t it great to compare things- all of a sudden terms start to get relative because there is an opposite which doesn’t exist before.

This wonderful building is situated between Tarlabaşı and Dolapdere (Istanbul).

I don’t know how old the tree is but I am not sure if it has a chance to become another Angkor Wat. The location belongs to urban renewal project of Beyoğlu- so the possibility to survive is not that big. But still we could implement this idea in a historical Flak tower in Vienna or in other degraded buildings here and there. Just takes 5 to 10 year- so if there is no reuse of the site, or the building- just plant a tree and see whats going to happen! Thing big dear guerilla gardeners!

HOUSE TREE in motionsmall