just enjoy

browsing through gestalten.com I found a project done by random-international, an installation in Munich.
following the hyper link to there website I saw some project that were familiar to me and I want to show.
under this link

you will find an interview with the founders, talking about there inspiration and work.
-> not done with my addiction clicking on links I ended up in Linz, Austria- small town. big output lately:
thanks to Ars Electronica and theirprix, a wonderful Polish artist came back to my mind.
the great, one and only Tomek Baginski. no clue why he received the prix 2009, the “fallen art” is a way older,
as fare as i know.

still this piece of animation is a mail stone of its one!

nothing left. have fun!

ARS | Prix

rAndom international

some of Tomek Baginski´s work on you tube