Predicting how large crowds will react in certain situations has long been the holy-grail for architects and planners.

“What we do is to try to observe the individual behaviour of people who are part of the crowd.”
Sara Manzoni, University of Milan-Bicocca

Many factors, such as a person’s emotions or intelligence, can determine how they act when confronted with a busy scene or an emergency.

Crowd simulation software has always tried to recreate realistic behaviour, but the unpredictable nature of people is yet to be faithfully replicated.

What we do is to try to observe the individual behaviour of people who are part of the crowd.
Sara Manzoni, University of Milan-Bicocca

But new software designed by the University of Milano-Bicocca hopes to change the way in which we simulate crowd control.

Project co-ordinator Sara Manzoni explained to BBC World Service’s Digital Planet why their approach is unique.

“The traditional approach concerned trying to design equations that describe flows of people.

“What we do is to try to observe the individual behaviour of people who are part of the crowd.”

The team has developed a complex artificial intelligence system which treats each simulated person – or ‘agent’ – as an individual

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Modeling crowd behavior by geosimulation



crowd of hools set in motion

If you have ever seen a bunch of motivated, young gentlemen arguing for their interest [I no, really polite]you know how much tension and energy that creates. So the video shown bellow, Russian Hools getting stuck on a bridge during their happing is a master piece in a stuck energy flow. If you are in there, light right in the middle, there is no way of moving to the front, back, right or where ever. The liquid flow these fight normally intend seen in the second example for eastern Germany if the geography is not limiting it.


Cyprien Gaillard showed a wonderful installation at the Generali Foundation in an exhibition earlier this year. He  showed the complete happing on this day. Spartak vs  Zenit. Arriving, getting ready, action, escape.
The message he formulated  were the influences of modernistic architecture on society during the last 40 years especially in eastern Europe.

It’s a huge statement he creates with his artwork. But knowing no scientific boundaries it really pinpoints the affect architecture has on human being.
Working at the moment on a research in Istanbul about Tarlabaşı, were 9 blocks are declared as being an urban renewal area. The people are moved 30km away from their homes. These new development have a similarity to the once built in Eastern Europe.
The build environment has such a huge impact on the human being it just makes no sense how this mistakes can be made twice. Are these Turkish developers blind or ignorant? It´s all about the money, no doubt but be prepared how the people will react on it.

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