form activism to governance:

neighbourhood participation in istanbul, amsterdam and vienna

Gecocondo tour Orhan DRO_20091011_0034

shot taken  “somewhere” in istanbul

as we know, in vienna everything takes a bit longer but at least the ‘gehsteig guerrilleros’ a group of  student are fighting for there rights to reclaim the sidewalk!
great that they organize their sessions to show that they are present and do something instead of complaining!

for sure there is no advice needed for activist but hey, go for it, why not ‘straßen guerrilleros’ or ‘öffentlicher raum ritter’.

Austrians tend to be to polite and non aggressive but hey! it´s your space- take back what belongs to you!
just lately heard from a dutch urban planner who works for the municipality of amsterdam that they have subsititions for ‘geveltuinen’. these are the beautiful created and situated gardens along the sidewalks in the netherlands.
so imagine how beautiful that would be in vienna [or where ever].

somewhere in istanbul

from activism to governance! that would be something to go for!


how to do it_ open: folder geveltuinen